Oil and gas jobs USA

It can be hard to find oil and gas jobs across the USA when based overseas. Bow Resources works to ensure you have access to the right companies and positions across the USA, providing you with advance knowledge of upcoming openings across the market.

How can Bow Resources help?

Bow Resources is the global manpower solutions specialist for employers and professionals in the oil & gas, energy and training sectors across the USA. We provide companies with high-quality candidates to satisfy job demand, and prospective employees with unparalleled career opportunities; minimising costs and maximising time-efficiency for both parties. With in-depth market knowledge and an extensive network, we source market-leading experts to provide our clients with tailored recruitment solutions, and exciting jobs within USA-based projects for our candidates. Partnering with Bow Resources means becoming part of our global oil, gas and energy network, and benefitting from the job opportunities and talent that this offers. At Bow Resources, our management team have over 30 years’ combined international recruitment experience. From working within the executive search sector, to project-managing large teams of contractors, we operate across remote locations and cultures, and have developed an extensive international network. Our team will help you with every step of the way so that you can get the best oil and gas jobs Africa has to offer.

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Contact us today to find out about available roles across USA. The jobs in USA that you have been searching for are out there waiting for you. Starting with an initial conversation, our expert team will assess your requirements to find the right role for you. .